What we do

HiLearn started as a Machine Learning Technology company, to tackle real world application of Machine Leaning in Yerevan, Armenia in 2017.

After spending 2 years developing Algorithmic Trading application, we pivoted and became a Consulting company that helps our partners integrate Machine Learning in their applications.

Starting from 2020, we have become close partners with WealthTech. Now we work with WealthTech building automated financial advising systems.

Algorithmic Trading

Our primary focus right now is algorithmic trading for cryptocurrencies. In this stage we are creating proprietary trading algorithms using different Machine Learning and Statistical models.

Long Term Market Simulations

We do Market Simulations of a universe of assets (stock, bonds, funds) using MorningStar Asset Classes. Simulations are than used to create financial advise for regular people.

Demographics Analysis

We use different data sources to build a unified demographics database, that allows us to understand consumer needs, and help with user clustering.

Financial Analysis

We do Bank Account analysis for the customers, and categorize their expenses and incomes, to help them compile an avatar to be used with WealthTech's fGPS platform.