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We apply Machine Learning to real life problems!
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What we do

HiLearn is a Machine Learning technology company. We are striving to use Machine Learning to solve hard problems. Currently we are in the beginning of our journey and we are exploring opportunities in couple of directions.

Algorithmic Trading

Our primary focus right now is quantitative trading for cryptocurrencies. In this stage we are creating our own trading algorithms using different Machine Learning and Statistical models.

Long Term Market Simulations

Market Simulations of Morningstart Asset Classes, to be able to balance risk/reward tradeooff for retirement planning.

Remote Sensing

We are also looking into potential other directions that need new machine learning algorithms,. For example we have successfully experimented with insight extraction from remote sensing data, e.g. detection of forest cuts in forests of Ijevan. [Blogpost coming soon]


We are also open to consulting projects, specifically in the fields of Remote Sensing, Algorithmic Trading, User Clustering and Anomaly Detection. For example:

Trading Plateform

Our Amazing Team

Arsen Hambardzumyan

ML Engineer

Arsen studies at YSU and loves participating in Olympiads.

Arsen Mamikonyan

CEO/ML Engineer

Arsen finished his studies at MIT and enjoys sailing.

Vardges Mambreyan

ML Engineer

Vardges finished YSU and teaches Astronomy to high school students.

Vazgen Zohranyan

ML Engineer

Vazgen studies Applied Mathematics at YSU.

Hrach Babujyan

ML Engineer

Hrach studies quantum mechanics at YSU.

Vahan Martirosyan

ML Engineer

Vahan studies Mathematics at YSU. Has won tree medals from International Olympiad of Mathematics.